Board exams of 12th standard can be very stressful but do you know what is even more stressful than that? Deciding the career options after class 12 ! As all the young adults are stressed about the uncertainty of what they have to persuade.

How To Know What ‘I’ Want To Do? || Career Options After Class 12

The first step is the analysis process; self-analysis. To do that you need to follow an easy SWOT Analysis process. Now, what’s that? SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats) Analysis is basically to analyze all the key areas about self. One must always be mindful of possible threats that a career option may bring. Always and always try to identify your strengths and weaknesses then after that your opportunities.

Choose The Best Option!

After this analysis, one would be narrowed down with 2-3 options specifically. Now, to choose the best out of these is another obstacle. Have some criteria for choosing the best career option after class 12 by looking at these points :

Parent’s pocket
Admission brochure
Competitive environment
Career Avenue

Give The Best Shot; Final Step

Make efforts for what you have been working so hard to obtain. Class 12 scores are equally important. Many universities offer admission and scholarship on the basis of class 12 results. Never settle for less proficiency


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