IIT Kanpur to pass all students basis their mid-terms, no end-term exams amid Covid19

In first-of-its-kind and a one-time exception, IIT Kanpur students will be awarded grades for their courses based on their performance in mid-semester exams. With this, IIT closes the current semester. It will consider all different kinds and aspects of evaluations conducted during the mid-term like quizzes, assignments, projects, and other performance indicators obtained through the online instruction during the suspension of the semester and as decided by the instructors of the course.

A unique grading scheme has been adopted by IIT Kanpur – only A, B, C, and S grades will be awarded, and more importantly, no student will fail. Considering the extraordinary disruption in the semester, including the summer term, the institute has decided to grant certain credit relaxations, as approved by the Senate, to the graduating batch to help the students graduate on time.

It is yet to be confirmed whether other IITs will follow suit or choose to conduct final exams as communicated earlier.

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