From Snake Charmers to Mouse Charmers: The Changing Perceptions about Indian IT

It would not be an exaggeration to say that India is an IT (Information Technology) powerhouse. Indeed, the Indian IT Industry is globally recognized for its ability to get quality work done at competitive rates and for its efficiency in churning out Millions of Lines of Code within no time.

Further, the Indian IT Professionals have made a name for themselves worldwide with many of them migrating to the United States, Europe, and Australia to work in the software industries there.

Moreover, the fact that India, which was long associated with poverty and backwardness now boasts of a world class cutting edge IT Industry means that there has been a change in perceptions among Westerners as far as how they view India and Indians are concerned.

Indeed, for much of the last century and half, India was seen as a land of Snake Charmers and other exotic aspects and it was only during the 1980s and the 1990s wherein the accelerated development of the Indian IT Industry changed many views about the country and its people.

Thus,the title of case study is a play on old  and the new perceptions about India which has now emerged as a leading destination for outsourced work related to IT and software.


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