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The Ministry of Human Resources in its pilot project has set up the National Digital Library of India.

College students are using their new age knowledge and learning to ensure that we have a constant vigil on the situation. They are developing websites and databases of information needed during these tough times.Without knowledge, there is no growth! And grow we always must.

Books, Thesis, Article, Manuscripts, Video and Audio Lectures are some of the learning resources that are available in domains of Language, Technology, Natural Sciences and Maths, Arts, Psychology, Physiology, and Social Sciences to name a few.

School students will be able to gain access to all NCERT books as well. In line with the current trend of video tutorials, you will find enthralling and engaging video tutorials sourced through NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning).

National Digital Library India has made sure that every person out there, be it a school student, a research fellow or a college student, has access to every resource possible.

Access website from here:-

Download app from this link:-

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